Gallery - Pattern Imprinted Concrete Sealing (2)

Imprinted Concrete prior to recolouring
Half way through re-colouring process
Finished with superb depth of colour and finish
Brown imprint looking very worn
Restoration underway
Re-coloured and looking dramatically different
Pattern imprint in original condition
Imprinted concrete re-colouring and sealing
Completed restoration
Weary concrete driveway in two colours
After cleaning , re-colouring and sealing
Pattern imprinted prior to restoration
Re-coloured and restored in good condition
Imprinted concrete before restoration
Imprinted concrete after restoration
Spot treating imprinted concrete
Crack repair on Imprinted concrete surface
Colour bleached red imprinted concrete
After smartseal products applied totally transformed
Pattern Imprinted concrete cleaned ready for sealing
Imprinted concrete having had several coloured sealer coats